About Us
Brief history of AAA

The American Alumni Association (AAA) of Sri Lanka was established in July 1988. Initially set up to reminisce and share common experiences during their time in the USA, the AAA has since carried out various programs for both outbound as well as returning graduates and has been instrumental in encouraging Sri Lankans who have received their higher education in the United States to return to Sri Lanka and serve their motherland by sharing their acquired knowledge and expertise.

The association has also set up a Trust; The American Alumni Foundation Trust (TAAFT) and carried out various CSR activities aimed at the underprivileged, supported Educational programs, carried out Mentorship Sessions for those interested in foreign studies, and provided an excellent Networking opportunity to those who value interacting with likeminded professionals.

We encourage all US Alumni to join the AAA and be a part of a prestigious club, network and give back to Sri Lanka.

Our vision
The American Alumni Association celebrates and builds traditions that we were introduced to whilst studying in the United States of America. We foster lifelong relationships by engaging alumni and friends who support American education. We serve the diverse needs and interests of our community and alumni network through educational and employment opportunities, volunteer activities, and events.
Our mission
The American Alumni Association strives to foster an engaged and passionate community of American alumni in support of the association and each other. Our goal is to be a vital partner in the success of American education through the significant engagement of alumni.